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FireRose Production] [Collection essential points
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FireRose Production
It is good news at you, an actor. The entertainments production of NPO in Hollywood offers the lesson in a full-scale method program.
The ring of the sum of Tokyo, and "actor training TSUA" of the fire rose production (FRP) joint plan in Hollywood. A leader studies the STELLA Adler method and only the pros under activity are in Hollywood. Since there is support in Japanese, it is safe also to an English person weak. Please make into your thing the chance which can be studied in the home USA of a musical.
The information about a peace ring and peace FRP (a theater name is a secret rose theater) should look at the following.
NPO The Global Theater Wa no Wa  Representation Sayoko Shirotani
NPO FireRose Production  Representation Kazuki Matamura
※About an NPO fire rose production (FRP)
The NPO organization which bears the educational section which targeted at the base the theater and the secret rose theater which a "STELLA Adler . academy OBU bitter taste TINGU" graduate's Japanese, Mr.Kazuki Matamura, and Mr. mark RADOMEKASU built in the Hollywood no hoe area in response to encouragement of Los Angeles in 1999 for from youth to the pro (representation Mr.Kazuki Matamura, mark RADOMEKASU). The actors and students who come a workshop and a seminar not only from an area but from Japan are also provided with the program.
※About the wanowa relation of a fire rose production.
Representation Sayoko Shirotani of the wanowa of the NPO sum met in Mr.Kazuki Matamura, and LA of NPO fire Rose production representation, she felt something related to a view or the thing aimed at, and decided to create a public performance and an educational program in cooperation. Actor training TSUA will be performed by joint plan in September, 2002. Popularity was acquired very much. From now on, the ring of the people from NPO Law global theater sum serves as a Japanese window of an NPO fire Rose production, and youth education, the stage, the workshop, etc. will develop the joint project aiming at international-cultural-exchange activities in Japan and the U.S. in Japan and USA.


電話センター 047-368-1361  FAX 047-368-1361
【Office】1695-1 Sendabori matsudo Chiba Japan 270-2252 Japan


Collection essential points
【Time】 The schedule for March, 2005 (one week)
【Place】 Los Angeles Hollywood
【Sponsorship】 NPO fire rose production&The wanowa from NPO Law global theater sum
【Participating expense】 258,000yen
(Airway freight,Transportation expenses in LA,Stay expense,Lesson expense,Teaching-materials expense,Two breakfast,Two launches,One supper)
【Application outline】 It mails after enclosing five stamps of 80 yen with a resume, a photograph, and a composition "what do you want to study?" (400-1000 characters).
【Mailing place】 Wanowa from NPO Law global theater sum The Hollywood actor training TSUA charge
60-4, Kanegasaku, Matsudo-shi, Chiba,
270-2251, Japan
【Participating number】 20 persons
(1) Photography for advertisement in the photo studio to which a pro's actors go($250)
(2) Playgoing at the theater of Hollywood($15〜50)It is based on a theater.
(3) A lunch order is placed.
(A Japanese meal$10)
【Contents】 ★Lesson・・・The performance foundation, musical utterance / respiratory way, a words way and a MIME body theory
stage presentation for audition Others
★Experience in an actual theater. It launches with the actor and they are others.
(It may go to LA and a class division may be carried out with command of English.)

Kaz Mta-Mura

Paul Denniston

Keisuke Hoashi
(Pronounced CASE-KAY)

Japanese English