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≪Sayoko Shirotani profile≫
[Profession] CEO of the Grobal Theater Wa no Wa. Actress. Producer.
[Career] Lecturer/instructor of Japanese dance & Kabuki fighting, at Drama Academy in St. Petersberg, Russia, and Yale Univ. in the U.S.A. Born in Nishijin, Kyoko, Japan. Meiji Univ. attendance at Dept. of Liberal Arts. Graduated from Zenshin-za Theater Acting School. Joined Zenshin-za Theater in 1976, quit in 2000. Familes are hasband, step mother, and a daughter. In Oct. the starting performance "the world of Fuyuji Domon " held in Tokyo and Kanazawa was succeeded.
[Major Stage] Yodo-gimi in "the Yodo-gimi's laugh fit to bust" by Shoyo Tubouchi, Renyu in "the Rennyo" by Hiroyuki Ituki, Sodegaura in " the Taiko don-don" by Hisashi Inoue (won the award of Kansai Ya-no-kai)
above Zenshin-za

Oseki in "the 13 nights" by Ichiyo Higuchi
Presented by Geidankyou

As the producer of performance, "woman in the past" by Sakyo Komatu, "Miyagino" by Seiichi Yashiro. In "the oil hell of wemen killer" by Monzaemon Chikamatu, played 19 charactors by herself with the original version of Hitori (playing alone) Kabuki, and performed in Edinburgh and Russia.
[Qualification] Nichibu, Fujima School, teaching certificate; Nagauta, Kineya Sakichi School, teaching certificate; Koto, Eto School, Assistant instructor certificate; Ikebana, Higashiyama Misho School, teaching certificate.
[Skills] Noh stage play (Hosho School), Kyogen stage play (under Master Sennojyo Shigeyama), Noguchi Taiso, Shamisen, Gidayu, Kiyomoto, Japanese Calligraphy, Singing, Qi Gong.
[Overseas works] '94 Entry Scotland・Edinburgh Festival, '95 Russia Three places Performance・A Perm international drama festival invitation work, '96 teaching at St. Petersburg Acting Academy about Japanese Culture, '99 Three places of Russian performances succeed as frontman by Japan Foundation dispatch section sponsorship enterprise, '00 went to Russia for a meeting of the performance in July, '02, at theater in Ulan-Ude、'01 in Feb. - March, went to "Asian American Theater Company"(San Francisco) for internship of NPO(JUCEE program.)
Teach Nichibu, fighting scene and body & voice traning at Yale Univ.(NY)、Louisiana Tech Univ., ACT(SF) in Nov.(Japan Foundation aid.)
'02 in March, succeed "One Woman Show in Japan" with New Orleans Japan general consulate sponsorship.
In March, invited to the Louisiana combat festival No.15 as representative of first Japanese, and succeeded.
[Lecture Theme] "Words and physical study" --- Let's study actoing.
"Change the stress to the vitality" --- How can you be as yourself?
"Sharpen Your Sensitivity"
"Live Cheerfully"
"A lesson of magic to become more attractive"
"A practice lecture for a woman aiming at career improvement" --- Make / posture / movement / voice.
"Met Japan in Russia and America" --- Splendor of international exchange

≪Health art≫
Please inform
 It is the view of seeing man's body to a HORISU tick as what soul and the heart also contained.I thing Sayoko Shirotani has done practice of a love scene for years, and she has stood on the stage as an actor (a profile is here). However, it became a herniated disk 11 years before the wrong lifestyle.
The ache of shichiten-batto which continues for 24 hours reached in many months, and stubborn I also made it reflect on one's view and way of life of life truly.I do not want to undergo " "which has neglected its body however", however an operation."・・・・I continued looking for a teacher so that it may pray.
When the bottom of the heart is asked for help, a teacher appears.It is "ask and it shall be given you."Mr. Mitsuhiro Kanamoto of Matsudo was the Savior.
"If this book is read ?"and Mr. Yukio Funai's book -- it will meet with Mr. Funai and Mr. Toshihiko Yayama who becomes the family doctor of the lifelong heart from Mr. Funai at last will be met.
The hospitalization for two weeks under an arrow Yamasaki student was the Bergson time which cannot do whole life failure.
My sense of values changed completely.
It is righter to say that it was able to have firm belief in its view, since it can say and man does not change simply so.
Entertainments of Noguchi 3003 gymnastics many of Japan ... It turns out that they were Japanese dancing, a song, calligraphy, the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, a Noh play, kyogen, and the terrible art that they which I have studied all make themselves notice.Who is entirely embraced in the universe.
"Japanese culture is the HORISU tick art which gets used to the universe and one". Ms. Hiroko Uchikoshi and Ms. Mitsuko Nakahara to important [ of the meal from chi kung and Mr. Yuriko Tojo ], the state of Mr. Chiyuki Yonezu to the heart, and the sand treatment were learned from the arrow Yamasaki student, and it acted as Kanji of my herniated disk.
A herniated disk is me.(1)Does the bad condition of the body have influence of minus to soul however? (2)Existence of the energy which is not visible is known. (3)The right way of life noticing (4)Encounter with cut wonderful (5)The wonderfulness of Japanese culture is recognized. (6)Discovery of a possibility that theater has  Much present to say was given.
 Then, the health art training method which becomes healthy with art has been developed, practicing. I have you be glad by the lecture here and there.
 The "health art training method" which took Japanese tradition culture and theater and which becomes fine.The program which can bring a difference to every person's life changes the contents according to needs, and can construct now the program which met the purpose.
To children・・・Training of concentration
To youths・・・Himself who can carry out self-expression
To the school teachers・・・Communication capability
Toward parents・・・Child-rearing is oneself bringing up.
To the president who worries if you want to make a company fine・・・The president worries and it solves.
Of course, it is employees' man-power development.・・・An employee's motivation is from self-reform.
Seniors・・・・I want to live calmly pleasantly.
To the directions of a reading volunteer's meeting…Utterance・I teach elocution.
To medical treatment and welfare-related directions…In order not to lapse into a burnout syndrome

Please consult with me at once. The solution method will surely be found. The lecture of health art experience is accepted from an individual, a group, and 1 hour and a half. Series and visiting periodically are also possible.

Please inform
【The lesson of the magic which becomes more attractive you】The most popular
  It is the charm rise lecture which also put in practice.
【It is in vitality about stress.】
If it carries out, how is it appropriate for itselves? I teach how to make myself.
Who does not lose a little stress.
The meaning of an occurrence which occurs in its life is understood, and it becomes fine out of the body.
【Reading and narration are studied.】
The method of uttering voice from the belly, building the good voice along which it passes well, and expression reading. Many men want to give a reading well. Improvement in your reading is helped. A beginner also accepts. a work a folktale, a fairy tale, a novel, poetry, and an essay it is variously drama.
【The way classroom about which it speaks】
It is good news at how to talk better. Let's change ourselves. the speech and themselves who do a presentation in public which states an opinion at the meeting said as the large number of people who talk by one person, and who talk by two persons are told it talks for 3 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, and 1 hour.
【The self-expressing method is studied.】
For something, he is ... It is the training method the every day which does not know and correct its characteristic but extends the place where he is good.
【Sensitivity is polished.】
Power felt as sensitivity. The delicate heart impressed by the small thing is supported.
【How to polish intuition power】
In order for the so-called intuition to work correctly, there is the everyday training method. It trains scientifically. It is a lecture apt to the busier one.
【The lively lecture for a senior】・・・5 years old will be rejuvenated.
Moreover, let's make to company the time pleasant fortunately which does not carry out unreasonableness not to do our best.
【The practice lecture for the woman who aims at a career rise】
A makeup, a posture, how to walk, behavior, voice, and language usage. It is a best chance to regaze at itself.
【It met Japan in Russia and the United States.】
They are my experiences. interesting being a thing and being surprised wonderful it was to the limit thing International exchange is still really wonderful.

Please inform
 Sayoko Shirotani is very good at a plan. It has dealt with many satisfying plans until now according to connections, putting the right man in the right place, and a budget.
Performance・・・ Performance by Sayoko Shirotani, the actor belonging to peace a ring, and the musician. According to a scale and the contents, I will construct the optimal program.
Chairman advance・・・・ Please leave a nice advance which ad lib, such as a party, and symposium, an exhibition, hears.
From a plan stage・・・・ According to a budget, the highest event can be performed from theme chooses to preparation and an advance on the day in total. (A pro's lighting, sound, a stage director, and a performer are arranged)

 Please consult at once to an individual auspicious occasion, the foundation commemoration event of a company and the event of the industry, and the local activity of administration.

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