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As for a color, white, black, and size are preparing S and M of US size.
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Choreography by Chris Black is favorable and advances.

Chris who has been visited Japan from September 26 has started in composing choreograph at Zisshi square of Tokyo / Kodenmacho from 27th. At a pace finishing three dance numbers of all ten pieces every day, she already finish six pieces on the third day, and three pieces newly tomorrow. Turn out just as Sayoko Shirotani the representative wished, American view of Japan is expressed in the choreography.
Shigeo Nakajima who was chosen by an audition of musician participated in a lesson today and told that "I made music face into a dark screen alone, but it was very impressed by such an arrangement and dance of it". A voice that "I want a CD" rises by the fan who came for a visit the lesson and the board of directors of the Wa no Wa takes CD release into account.


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