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NHK radio performance safe end
June 12(Thu.)Sayoko Shirotani appeared on "the palpitation interview."
The contents of radio
  (The contents of recording are divided into four parts. Please download and hear it.)
1) Palpitation interview Vol.1 3.9MB
2) Palpitation interview Vol.2 3.2MB
3) Palpitation interview Vol.3 5.4MB
4) Palpitation interview Vol.4 3.3MB

Sayoko Shirotani Comment sent to the NHK radio performance

Mr. Masahiro Takahashi Komyo-ji chief priest (1 sword ring-entrance ceremony luck temple)
I congratulate you on the performance of you to NHK. I want to become opening of a big gate, and to aid so that it may move forward every day during point five years after this. If unreasonableness is carried out, and do not hurry, but raise humanity, and you do not forget every day of a smiling face, but harmony with people and a man is maintained and it progresses, many people are familiar, and will gather for the spirit, and an ally will increase. Keep in mind in it to carry out fulfillment of a vow within back five years.

Ms. Hiroko Suda (Bunkyo-ku)
Thank you for the letter always filled to IKIIKI energy. It was not able to be heard to radio, though it was regrettable, since it was out. It is waiting from the public performance now in October to pleasure. A yell from the bottom of heart is sent.

Ms. Mieko Naito (Tokorozawa)
Today's broadcast had some which touch KOTOSEN too. Much Sayoko's voice could be heard and it was nostalgic.

Ms. Aiko Oda (Funabashi-shi) 
Usual, the bright way of talking not changing, positive contents. Was "GERO-URI" good. To the degree which true announcer cannot imitate, either I surely "Love Suicide at Amijima" see.

Mr. Masatake Mineda (Ichikawa-shi)
"Person interview" I was allowed to hear the talk of an "art" interestingly especially. The thought which looked at the portion of "me" and the Mr. Shirotani's fine "machine" carried out. Is it good in the places of one activity increasing in number now again? Although it is as usual, it is aiding from the "outfield bleachers." Unreasonableness is seldom carried out!

Mr. Shutaro Nakai (Kyoto-shi)
The talk about "a peace ring" was heard. Since the patient did not come for 1 hour, all were able to be heard. in high spirits in is it a slack thing? Although time for "mind" not to follow but train "mind" every day is made even if I have "mind" ....

Ms. Akiko Uemura
They were contents with a sufficient radio broadcast. It was whether was good at whether whose director was good and finding out whether the hearer studied about Sayoko's various strong points, and an interesting program. It hears the talk like which arouses a listener's imaginative power and was pleasant. The foreign partner of my now is a South Korean. mutual, although the tea ceremony was introduced by study of Japanese culture together with Japanese, and it is a near country in completely not knowing was mostly surprised, it was impressed, and studied

Mr. Kunio Kato Ms. Reiko Kato (Tochigi Prefecture)
I listened to radio happily. It has carried out to a telephone suddenly out of impression. I am sorry, it came out and carried out Moreover, thank you for having you receive pleasantly. I will aid from now on. I am pleased if it surely sends in a proposal.

Ms. Setsuko Higuchi
I had you have been able to record in radio and a parents' home, and it was able to be heard. (since it was out) It was surprised that NHK takes time like that. The Sayoko paragraph was fully entertained by favor. Even so, does the producer suit Sayoko? It turns out vividly that a hearer's Yamada announcer is won over to the Sayoko pace unawares.
Saying that the new work which brings up those who do theater is started collects various persons' power, and it can do it. Is it good in those who get interested and who support spreading taking advantage of this broadcast? Is also that the editor of an acquaintance was hearing this broadcast by chance also an interesting edge? Let's speak about the thing of "a peace ring"! Since there may be some editors who are interested in knowing each other at theater. Is it good to carry out the "Love Suicide at Amijima" success?

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