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Monzaemon Chikamatsu
Monzaemon Chikamatsu "Love Suicide at Amijima"

Monzaemon Chikamatsu, Japan premiere which were made only from the women. Check the detail here.

This premiere, It is the original language Monzaemon Chikamatsu number 2:"Love Suicide at Amijima" which showed the lifework of Sayoko Shirotani (an advance seat time is Sayoko Nishimiya)

This year was the 350th anniversary of Monzaemon Chikamatsu's birth, and the 400th years of KABUKI was born. As an actress who has studied Zennsinnza thinks that it was very meaningful work that "Love Suicide at Amijima" was able to be made with the living national treasure of home Awaji-shima of doll JORURI, the Tomoji Tsurusawa teacher, and the Hatsumi Takemoto teacher of a gidayu.

The points of this performance
1jOne actress was actting in 17 different role with Chikamatsu's text
2jAccording to Chikamatsu's directions, "Stage of Hashitsukushi" re-presented in 83 years.
3jIt is the performance which was able to be performed only by the women.
4jThe living national treasure of his 90th birthday was challenged by "composition" which has not been done at all until now.

Although Wanowa has so far taken a part in activity which sends Japanese culture to the world as people from NPO, I hope this performance can be showed in many other countries in the future.

The first work "En" was performed before ten years ago in Edinburgh International Theater Festival, St Petersburg, Moscow. And got the great evaluations at that time.

By the successful result at that time, I realized that Japanese traditional theater was called form overseas and led to the establishment of NPOs. This second performance also plays a role of mediation of the international exchange. I believed it could let you understand more about Japanese culture.

Otobe Junko,
Vice President director,
Wanowa NPO global theater

Chikamatsu questionnaire
-The October, 2003 Tokyo public performance (extract)

Ms. Yoko Yoshinaga (Yaizu City, Shizuoka)
I was impressed very much by Yoko Yoshinaga San's outstanding acting which was able to play splendidly the different17 roles splendidly. It was wonderful. The role of guidance were very fresh. Because of the guidance, I could get into the traditional play easily and enjoy very much.
Thank you. I wish that Sayoko San can do more and more performance.
Mr. Minoru Nagahara (Asahikawa City)
The verisimilitude performance power distributed by Mr.Shirotani which made me so excited.
I was very surprised t Mr. Shirotani who usually is intellectual and slightly has such a great power when acting. Anyway, thanks for giving me a great and touching time.
Ms. Toshiko Kurosawa (Tokyo)
Ithink there is no other actress like Mr.Shirotani could play the 17 roles by one person, show difficult lines, present abundant expression in the same time all by one person. I was been deeply moved just as the last monodrama.
Also Mr. Tsurusawa's samisen is truely outstanding. Hatsumi Takemoto San is a excellant protagonist with his low voice.It's the best to see lively in the theater.
Mr. Saguchi Toshio (Yokohama City)
It was my first experience having got to know the world of play. I think it will rich my life from right now.
Ms. Yoshiko Ogushi (Tokyo)
It was wonderful! Mr. Shirotani's passion was spread out all of stage. It was uncanny zeal. Please convey the tradition of this Japan to the world by all means!! It is expected.
Mr.Shigehito inukai (Saitama Cityj
Now I know what is the Chikamatsu's world.
I felt like I am riding on the time machine to experience the spectator feeling of the Edo period. I also realize the importance and the existence of"Osann"
Ms. Junko Watanabe (Matsudo City)
I had saw this kinds of show for the first time, and it was surprised. I was so impressive
Mr. Kazuo Yoshino, Ms. Mutuko(Tokyo)
It was incredible only one person could actted in 17 roles, and expressed every roles uniquely.
That drew all audiences. Especally Osan. My friend is just having the same vexation right now.
A living national treasure, Tsurusawa Tomoji teacher's samisen, and Hatsumi.
Takemoto pronagonist was so moved and thank you very much.
Mr. Hirohiko Takano (Yokohama)
It was intelligible.
Also the energy of stage was completely delivered to audiences.
Ms. Nobuko Miyamoto (Chiba city)
I would like to see again.
Ms. Miyoko Oyoshi (Funabashi City)
I could expressed my feeling right now.
My tears came out in the end.
Mr. Hasumi Chouichiro and Mr.Kione(Funabashi-shi)
Sayoko SAN:
Nice done. I think it is the best work from WONOWA's established.
Mr.Seichi Konn(Tokyo)
Ms. Sayoko Shirotani's " power" itself make the wonderful stage which gave the audiences great impacts. Mr. Chiyuki Yonezu ("Mitama") is written on the pamphlet. Mr.Shirotani's "Mitama" has been transmitted from the ordinary energy and the ordinary way of life. It has been always overwhelmed by the force, which cannot be expressed. The only words I can say is that I saw a wonderful performance. The greeting after the last curtain was an impressive thing. This perfect art with opening investigation heart and the spirit of inquiry is going to be sent to the world. I carried out applause to the extent and my hands became painful. Before I saw the drama, I knew nothing except name of Monzaemon Chikamatsu. It was the touching night of culture.
Hiromichi Okami and Mr.Yoshiko (Saitama City )
It was the play filled of power. The energy of performing alone for 90 minutes make me so impressive . Voice, gloss, and tension had risen to the peak.
Mr. Jun Ishikawa (Tokyo)
Ms.Shirotani's dance was beautiful. It was incredible that playing 17 roles alone Thank you very much. The guide, Mr. Suzuki, is joyful, I became pleasant by seeing him.
Mr. Minoru Obuchi (Matsudo-City)
Brilliant! Good Japanese culture was improved. Sayoko was powerful.
Ms. Yumi Takeshita (Tokyo)
It was amazing!
I am curious about how to memorize such long lines.
Mr.Ken-ichiro Sakaguchi (NHK)
I saw the performance in the first day at front raw. I wake up at 4:30 every morning to exercise these days. I thought I would be drawn into drowsiness before the show. However, it was a brilliant work! Proper use of 17 roles, sound was a surprise. Also the way of how to take between is admiring.
Nevertheless, the second part was too complex to me to understand. The first description guidance was very intelligible. Thank you for having me the show.
Ms. Masako Yoshida (Tokyo)
It was a really wonderful stage. My mother went together with me, she saw Mr. same stage of Ganjirou Nakamura long time ago. One person playing 17 roles alone was uncanny this time. She has been moved deeply and tears came out. Thank you for a filial piety being possible.
Ms. Aratake Emiko (Mitaka City)
Congratulations for great success of the Chikamatsu public performance. The whole audiences were satisfied. It was a really wonderful public performance.
Also I am glad that it obtained compliment from experts. I believe it becomes abig step. The union of staffs was the key of public performance. I tried my best to give the supports.
Gen Nakatani (actor)
The audiences were caught into Chikamatsu's world from the opening. It was also a fortunate that listening to a FH teacher's samisen. Please show more various works by performance in the original text from now on.

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