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Overseas]・・ The tea stall of the August night with a full moon
USA public performance great success
Diary in USA]・・ Diary in USA (5/14) ・Yasuko Takeda
Diary in USA (5/15) ・Yasuko Takeda
Diary in USA (5/19) ・Yuki Narushima
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Past]・・ A Series of Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s Original Plays: The Fourth Performance, Clever Women Studying the New Almanac (Kenjo no Tenarai Narabi ni Shingyomi)
The 280 anniversary of Monzaemon Chikamatsu's death "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi
Monzaemon Chikamatsu "heart heavens Tsunashima"
The trip for which Chikamatsu's secret was pressed
The Chikamatsu public performance work news
"Chikamatsu "Love Suicide at Amijima" is studied and reading and the heart are considered."
Musical『Heike Story 2002』] [The World of Fuyuji Domon ][Debut Performance ][Reading Plays][Touching Nippon

The 280 anniversary of Monzaemon Chikamatsu's death "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi"
This year is the 280th anniversary of Monzaemon Chikamatsu who was called Japan's Shakespeare’s death. Chikamatsu left 100 or more dramas. He was the first drama writer whose works are focus on common people's life.” which are called Sewamono in Japanese." Wanowa succeeded to "Love Suicide at Amijima" last year, this year is going to perform "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi" which is the representative play about an adultery thing. Let’s celebrate the 280th anniversary together.

(Tue.) 16th, November 2004
2:00pm -- 6:30pm
Kirara hall (JR Funabashi station) 214 seats

《Program schedule》
Introduction of Monzaemon Chikamatsu
Masterpiece serious of Monzaemon Chikamatsu’No.3 "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi"
Sayoko Shirotani (the ambassador of Wanowa)
Caho Tosya(Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japanese music major, doctoral program)

Sponsored by Wanowa's fan club... "Wanowa tuiterukai"
It is free to join this fan club, and the entry and quitting can be conducted anytime.
If you want to be a volunteer of this public performance, you can join this club anytime.
The concrete activities are attending the drama lessons and study meeting, the exchange meeting with the actresses and crews. And the promotion assistant, front-of-house assistant, participating in ending party…. We are very welcome your participation.
Please apply by email.

☆ The application of a ticket・・・With the Internet here \3000 yen

August 2004 DM launch
September 2004 Ticket release
November 2004 drama lessons and work sharing
16, November 2004 ending party
September, 2005 Canada tour
October, 2005 Tokyo Public Performance(are festival)

『In memory of Chikamatsu』-promoters'meeting
March 10,2004 open at 6:00pm ending at 8:40pm
Host: Mitsuhiro Kanemoto, Yasuko Takeda
Welcome: Sayoko Shirotani, Saito, Aizawa, Kanemoto
Receptionist: Otobe, Aratake, Morimoto
Seat leading: Hasumi, Akiya, Sakurai, Takeda, Imaeda
Sound: Nakajima
Photo taking: Konaka

5minutes <introduction>
Junko Otobe (Vice-President director)
*Old circumstances
女殺し - Shinju Tennoamijima, Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi
*The developing direction of Wonawa
requesting for everyone's cooperation to a success
6minutes <The introduction of Chikamatsu>
Yasuko Takeda
*Monzaemon Chikamatsu period
15minutes <Chikamatsu and Me>
Sayoko Shirotani(The representation of Wanowa)
*willingness to "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi"
  performance by special guest - Mr.Matsuya Nozawa
10minutes <The interpretation of organization and budget>
Mitsuhiro Kanemoto
**Designated director, vice director and committee
Director: Mr.Haruo Saito
Vice director: Cyoichiro Hasumi, Kiyoe, Tomoo Aizawa, Masaki Akiya, Mitsuhiro Kanemoto
実行委員: Taeko Akiya, Taeko Udagawa, Kouichi Shinozaki, Kyoko Suzuki, Tomiko Tanabe
**budget interpretation...refer to a separate paper(Otobe presented, and the request also included.)
《break》 coffee time (card exchange….)
40minutes **Self Introduction and chatting time
3minutes <the closing of the meeting> by Saitou
*The notice of next meeting
「Asakuma」on the cross of Denny's, inside of the bookstore's lot

To everyone who joined『In memory of Chikamatsu』promoters'meeting
I had a great time today. Thank you very much. I will try my best toward November.

To Tomoo Aizawa, Thanks for the gift.おかげで帳尻が合いました。
To Taeko Akiya, Thank you for being an executive committee. Thank you for your consideration
To Masaki Akiya Thanks for your participation during the busy declaration period.
To Emiko Aratake, you were very beautiful with Kimono.
To Mito Imaeda, I was hoping that I could before the meeting. It’s fun.
To Taeko Udagawa, Thank you very much to be a committee
To Junko Otobe, Let’s face the following difficulty together.
To Toshihiko Kaneda, Thank you for your warm encouragement.
To Mitsuhiro Kanemoto, Thank you for being host. I will visit your company again.
To Mari Kawaguchi, Let’s work hard for going to USA.
To Yuji Konaka, Thanks for taking photos
To Kentaro Kobayashi, I was so glad that I could meet you again.
To Haruo Saito, be careful about your Russia trip and have a great time.
To Reiko Sakurai, Please help us again. Thank you very much.
To Yukio Shigemasa, I am always very appreciated your great presentations.
To Hiroshi Shinoda teacher, Please continue to be our strong support.
To kyoko Suzuki, エジンバラの再来です。Leave you to do it.
To Yasuko Takeda, Thank you today. And I will meet you on 15th.
To Yoneharu Tanaka, I will visit your place recently.
To Misako Tanaka, Thank you for you and your father’s attendance.
To Tomiko Tanabe, Thank you for being a committee and It was a great book.
To shigeki Nakajima, Therefore, go for "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi"
To Matsuya Nozawa, Thanks for joining us today and meet you at 16th.
To Choichiro Hasumi, The encouragement words were very delightful;.
To Kiyoe Hasumi, Thanks for inviting Kobayashi San for us.
To Joji Fukui, I was very glad that you can be a partner with us.
To Akio Fujii, Today you looks great.
To Reiko Fujii, Thanks for your doll. I will have it carefully.
To Reiko Misu, long time no see. It’s fun and the clothes were suitable.
To Shigeko Morimoto, Thank you. Did you catch the last train?
To Koichi Shinozaki, Thank you for the present and being a committee.

To everyone: Today’s encounter leads all beautiful things connecting more and more.
Thank you very much -

Sayako Shirortani
March 10

Dinner first

Host: Yasuko Takeda

receptionists: Emiko Aratakedirector(left), Shigeko Morimotodirector


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