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  Sakyo Komatsu@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Sayoko Shirotani
The woman who is waiting ҂iJbgŁj

Hallow, Ifm Ken.
The woman who is waiting.
This is Miekofs story.

(1) Who is Mieko?
Who is Mieko?
Mieko is my wife, Harukofs classmate when they were higt school students.
Miekofs mother and her grandmother were a dancer.
Mieko became a dancer, too.
But she stopped dancing. She became the mistress of a man.
She was waiting telephone call from the man and the arrival of him.
But unfortunately he died in a traffic accident.

Dozens of later, my wife met Mieko again.
My wife asked me "Ken, she looked for a room. May I offer her one ?"
I said g No problemh
So Mieko moved into my house soon after.

And a mysterious thing has begun to happen since Mieko moved.

(2) The corridor.
One day I took a bath late at night. I found the watch.
It is not the watch of my wife.
I thought that "Mieko forgot it.h
I wanted to return it, but it was past 1:00 a.m.
I thought that she would have been asleep

At the moment Mieko appeared in the corridor.
I gMieko, is it your watch?h
Mieko g Oh, Itfs mine, thank you. I forgot it. c. h
I g Here you are. Mieko, your night clothes are flipped. cI wonder is it a spellc? When I cannot find a lover cright? h
Miekog Do you know this spell song?h
I g Yes, I know it.
c. When I cannot meet a lover c.
c.. I were my night clothes reversed and go to sleep
Miekohc.. The lover will surely appear in my dreamcI am ashamed.h
She returned to her room when after saying that.

Before sleeping, wear night clothes inside out and says the poem three times, so a lover appears in her dream. c.Good c. Stupidc

(3) Dog barks
One night Haruko my wife woke me up.
Haruko g Ken, itfs started again. Hear it.h
I hWhatc. What happened?h
Ig Just a dog barking.h
Haruko g No, something is approaching here. Bowwowc
The dog did not stop crying.
I g All light, Ifm going to look. h

It was 2:00 a.m. It was very cold.
There was nobody outside the house.
Suddenly I stopped.
Someone was moving in a garden.
The black shadow went into the room of Mieko .
I went near Miekofs room.
I heard the voice of the man.
Ih A man is in the room of Miekoc..!h
Miekoh mcch
Ih She is cryingc?h
I came back to my bedroom.
I h Haruko! A man is in her room. h
Harukoh Oh,no Ken. Do not insult her. She is a lady. h
I h O.K. Next time you must check it.h

The next night, the dog barked again. Bowwowc
My wife and I looked at the room of Mieko .
At that moment, the black shadow went into the room of Mieko .
Haruko h There is somebody! Letfs go to her room and check it.h
My wife started running. g Haruko, donft open the door.h
But my wife opened Miekofs door.
Harukoh Mieko, whom in the room?h

There was nobody. Nobody was in a room
Mieko is crying, twisting her body like a snake.
Miekoh ncc..ncc.h
HarugMieko, wake up! Mieko. She doesnft wake up. She seems to be a sleepwalkerc.. Ken, she were night clothes inside out.
Does she dream of a lover? h

Next morning Mieko came over in the living room.
Haruh Good morningc. Mieko, Last night you wore night clothes inside out again. What dream did you see?h
Mieko h Kaoru c.Narihirac..Sanzac.Tojuroc. I am ashamedch
Harukoh Do you really dream of men?
Miekoh Yesc.h
HarukohOh, I have never had a dream. Neverch
Miekoh Haruko, I have been wating for a man to come for a long time.
When nobody came, I wore night clothes inside out and slept.
I wanted to see a man even in a dream. But he died. Nobody came anymore. So I dated with another men in a dream.h She smiledc.

From the ancient times, women waited for men.

The man went to hunt game.
The woman waited in a cave.

The man went to war.
The woman waited for the war to be over.

The man went to work.
The woman prepared meals and waited with child.

Sor baked waiting for Peer Gynt.
Psyche waits for Eros.
The women always, always waited for men.

Mieko is the woman who waits from childhood.
She waited for motherAfather, a man and happiness.
She had been lonely. Day after day she hoped the dream to become reality.

And, at the end of December, Mieko suddenly disappeared from a room.
The door was closed.
A letter was leftc.. I am leaving. Thank you. Good-bye Miekoc.
Maybe she went to the land of dreams.
And then two years passed.

(5) The snowy city
In December, on a snowy evening I saw Mieko accidentally in a small town.
I h Are you Mieko!? h
MiekohOh,Ken! Ifm surprised. I am really sorry for what happend.h
She stood beside an old man.
Miekoh Joji, This is Harukofs husband,Ken. I always talk about him.
Davidh Oh, Ifm Joji. Nice to meet you. She told a lot about you.h
I h How do you do Joji, Ifm Ken.h
Miekoh Joji, I am to talk him to now? h
David h OK. Johe,See you again.h
He left.

I h Who is he?h
Mieko h When we were young, we loved each other. But I didnft marring, because he was a thicf. We brok up a long time ago.
2 years ago, he started to rob your house.
He did not know that was my room. We met again.h
I h It is unbelievablec! So I wonder why did you escape? h
Miekoh He saidc The police is coming soon. Letfs run away.
I decided to follow him. So I run away through the skyligh.
I g The skylightc.?h
Mieko g Yes, I couldnft give you my address. c.But now he working seriously. We got marries.h
I h Congratulations. I understood it. What do I do with your clothes?h
Mieko h Please throw them.
Because I started a new life and I donft want to remember the past. I must go. Good-buy.g g Good-buych

She returned to the house as it was snowing. I watched her back.

She looked like a different person c.the face, the character, the way of life c. All was changed. She was full of confidence.
She isnft the woman who is waiting anymore.
I pray she be happy with him forever.

When I cannot meet a lover c.
c.. I were my night clothes reversed and go to sleep
c..The lover will surely appear in my dreamc Fin


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